Evvnt Event Listing


Evvnt Event Listing

Morris Digital offers event listing with Evvnt, one of the fastest online event services today. We cater for all types of events worldwide. We began this journey in 2015 with an idea to offer an affordable and fun rsvp product to customers that were organising small to medium events ranging from BBQ’s to Weddings. From inception we have tailored our site to suit the needs of our customers who want to create and manage a cost effective event while tracking their guests RSVPs. Along the way we have tagged on additional services such as event promotion using event listing sites and social media. Our aim going forward is to continue to build a brand that caters for all types of affordable events. We value our customers, so we are open to any input that will help us continue to achieve our dreams.


Submit Your Event Today

Event Placement - will be critical, so targeted online marketing will place your event in the right location and genre, using our free event listing sites. Mapped to more than 5000 free event listing sites, which will provide the best way to promote your event.
Event Marketing report – You will receive a report within 24hrs, providing real time analytics, referrals and customer activity. So you know exactly what’s working and what’s not.
Search Visibility – Our event marketing tool provides the ability to be seen by more customers online, through search engine discovery and social media event marketing platforms.
100% Successful event marketing tips – We provide marketing techniques that will boost your event attendance and popularity.


Benefits of Event Listing

Targeted Audience Online – You will gain access into 40 million plus potential customers, provided by our network of event listing platforms. For example, for those promoting their conference, their relevant audience will be targeted through our network of event listing sites, resulting in optimum conference marketing exposure.
Event Reach – Circa 400k “ready to buy” behaviour consumers will see your event each month. So your event broadcast, will achieve more than you could digitally.
Mobile Apps – Our event listing websites also power your event to their mobile friendly sites or mobile apps, this number continues to grow to our desired 30 - 50% bracket.
Organic Search Results – The search results you most desire come from the 5 biggest search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL and Ask. Our event marketing tool provides the ability to rank for top searched keywords, more search results and event pages.
Social Media – Our free event listing network, will also provide a social media strategy for event promotion, which saves you time and money. As using social media to promote events is now a must in 2018.
Reporting Services – Event marketing reports that are clear, simple and transparent. Understanding your advertising results is now easier with our event marketing service, you will be able to see what works and revenue you are generating from your marketing budget.

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Event Marketing Report

Targeted event reports will be sent per event submitted, you will see what links have gone live from our event listing sites, so you can view the event pages live online. This has been popular for those exploring conference advertising or marketing ideas, as transparent reporting results for a conference in particular, mean the difference between success and failure.
Indexed Search Engine Information you will be able to access the performance of your event submission to the 5 biggest search engine heavyweights. The easiest way to submit your site or events page to search engines free.
CTR or Tracked Clicks, so you can see who is referring traffic best to your event and the overall success of response through our many event listing platforms, this will help you make an honest decision involving level of investment in your event marketing strategy.
Printable and PDF versions of your report, so you can print or just send this information to your team to review and include in reporting packs for anyone that is interested in your results.


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