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Generate Sales With Programmatic Targeting Services

Morris Digital offers a variety of programmatic targeting solutions to make sure your advertising is seen only by the people you select, which makes efficient use of your digital advertising budget. Through behavioral targeting, search retargeting, device ID targeting and other services, your ads go to specific audiences and demographics that would be most receptive to your message. These are people already searching for a specific product or going to a similar business. They are ready to buy, and they see your advertising.

Here are the different types of Programmatic Targeting services we offer to help your business grow:

programmatic targeting augusta ga morris digital

Targeted Display

Targeted display is a type of programmatic targeting advertising that gets your message in front of the most receptive audiences with certain traits. Whether you target people based on demographics, geographic area, purchase history, browser history or any number of other factors, these are consumers who are most inclined to receive and act on your message. For example, a local bookstore might target people within a 20-mile radius of its location who have recently purchased books online.

programmatic targeting augusta ga morris digital

Behavioral Targeting

Morris Digital uses sophisticated software and analytics to customize ads based on users’ online behavior. This includes the websites they go to, the products they research and purchases they make (or how close they came to making a purchase). Because ads are based on the users’ interests, you get stronger sales leads and can serve relevant ads to people you know will be interested. For example, Henry visits several travel pages on a particular site. He is then served airline ads.

programmatic targeting augusta ga morris digital

Content Targeting

With content targeting as part of your programmatic targeting campaign, we research key terms that people are using in searches and tailor content for your website around that. This isn’t old-school content written around a keyword or two. This is relevant, informational content that answers questions, sets you apart as an expert in your field and makes consumers want to do business with you. If you own a veterinary practice, for example, and research indicates that a lot of people are searching “how to protect dogs during the summer,” you should add a landing page that gives people advice on how to protect their dogs. Morris Digital does the research and provides content targeting for a variety of particular channels, including: arts & entertainment , auto, beer, business, cycling, education, family, fashion, food & dining, gaming, health, Hispanic, hobbies & interest, home, LGBT, job seekers, music, news, political, real estate, retail, seniors, sports, technology & electronics, teen, travel and weight loss.

programmatic targeting augusta ga morris digital

Search Retargeting

Search retargeting goes after audiences based on previous keyword searches. If Lois goes to Google and searches for “Nike Air Max Sale,” the search might yield several big-name advertisers using SEM to target the same keyword, which can make the smaller, local retailer struggle to be noticed. Retargeting specific searches allows tailored ads personalized for Lois to appear no matter where she is online. That means people who have searched for “Nike Air Max Sale” will see the ads from your small, local shoe store.

programmatic targeting augusta ga morris digital

Device ID Targeting

This programmatic targeting product uses the device ID targeting location data to match device IDs to physical addresses. Morris Digital identifies mobile devices that have been in target locations during times specified by the customer. We build virtual polygons around any location(s) to create custom audiences that are targetable no matter where the users go after their visit. By targeting the device ID, we have high-quality, real human user data to deliver your message straight to the users’ devices.

programmatic targeting augusta ga morris digital

MicroProximity Targeting

MicroProximity also targets users who are in a particular place at a specific time. It’s called “Micro” because it can get as close as a few meters. MicroProximity targeting from Morris Digital allows you to:

  • Reach consumers while they’re at specific locations, stores, offices, etc.
  • Reach consumers while they’re visiting your competitors’ locations.
  • Reach consumers based on the category of store they’re in, such as coffee shops, bars, restaurants, bookstores, etc.
programmatic targeting augusta ga morris digital

IP Targeting

Morris Digital’s IP targeting service focuses advertising to consumers based on their Internet Protocol (IP) address. Our IP Targeting solution allows you to target your desired audience down to their individual address. We select the IPs based on your existing database, which must include: First Name, Last Name, Address, Zip Code. With IP targeting, you get:

  • EXTENSIVE REACH: Reach more than 250 million individuals and more than 18 million businesses in the U.S. and Canada.
  • DATA RICH: Define audiences with more than 14,000 consumer and business variables.
  • IP TARGETED: Isolate your target audience on a granular level.
  • DEVICE INDEPENDENT: Extensive reach to all Internet-enabled devices (computers, tablets, smartphones).
programmatic targeting augusta ga morris digital

Native Advertising

Native Advertising uses your most compelling visual content and makes it look and feel like the content on a given website. Your ads will look like they are part of the page, which means consumers are more likely to see and act on your ad. Some benefits of native advertising:

  1. Native ads align with the website.
  2. They are formatted like the surrounding content.
  3. They are located within the feed of the content.
  4. They provide information contributing to the site content.

Morris Digital has a host of digital products to fit your needs. From email marketing to SEO and YouTube, we can create the best mix for your online success.

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